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First Journal in nearly 20 years since the last Atlantis Research Journal !!!

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This is the first journal of this magazine, in the future this may not include all articles online, and may be in complete form to be purchased for 3.00 US currency or equivalent per copy. The point of the magazine is getting outside sources from the standard norm of media, or sensationalism. This is a serious magazine on the subject of Atlantis and Antiquarian research. We are not saying that Atlantis Rising, Fate, Ancient American and other magazines are not important in information, but this site delves into what would be advanced or technical issues that others either do not have the time or interest in addressing. Therefore it will remain a very rare site indeed, and to a certain degree free source to the public. This Editor has met Dr. Hawas, Hancock, Bauval, Michell, Sykes, Maxine Asher and many others on the important issues facing the Atlantis question and the Egyptian one indirectly. This Editor does not claim all are in agreement between each other or myself. But, it is clear all are interested about the possibility at least worth venturing in discussion. I have recently been in contact with Colin Andrews on the information of the Cuban find, and I am interested in all information that does come in on that subject as well as others. This means many are welcomed to submit a Article in some aspect or expertise of the subject of Atlantis. I will at times put information in that may contradict my thoughts on subject especially if it is founded in hard science. I caution though the main premise of the site of is that the subject of Atlantis is more believable, than 'not' in tone.


"The Great Sea Pond Theory ", By Dean Clarke BLS BGSU submitted on 4-23-2002 to Newage Magazine online in Australia. (A summary of the Theory submitted to that Newage Magazine site at 4-23-02 and you can find it under Atlantisite name in search presently. They have a site down on that link due to restructuring of web site.)

The Main thoughts on this summary of what I had submitted back in 4-23-2002 is that 3 majors events occurred which were related to the Ice Age breakdown that determined certain Archipelagos to breakdown and give way by flooding onto coastal civilizations that were basically destroyed in part.

The three were:

1.     Black Sea, next to Turkey with the Bosphorus breakdowns of the wall between it and the Dardanelles as Ballard has contemplated .

2.     Caribbean Archipelagos of the Western and Southern barriers of reefs or dunes that gave way to massive flooding from the Atlantic breaking through the walls toward a final conclusion, eventually the Cuban underwater monuments being found at 2,200 feet under water instead of only 1,000. This theory I proposed first in connection to the other events as a common event in the three glacial periods of those three major Ice Ages and their subsequent melting debris and water.

3.     The Dogger Bank submergence by the North Sea ice flows melting and due to a climatic condition just after the last Ice Age, noted By Spanuth

4.     The last not mentioned the same as the other points is the Mediterranean which had at the mouth of the Straits of Gibraltar broke through turning from a falls-river into a major Sea within a short period.

In my theory called the "Great Sea Ponds Theory" the main hypothesis was that in some cases before a Sea existed it was only merely the size of almost a pond. That is a simplified thought that really is not the theory itself in regards to the Atlantis, and Ice Age problem. It is that as water pours over eroded land bridges civilizations that exist at the foot of or on the plateau of are always in jeopardy, and 4 of the above locations fall under this category. Though each person has identified the possibility and geological or archaeological evidence of the bridge collapses the others did not delve into the connection of the others in one unit of understanding in regards to the Ice Age as a principle and regional cause. In that aspect I believe I am the first to put forward that basic conclusion. The Dogger Bank for instance submerged due to Ice melting at a rapid rate in that region and west of it in the English Channel after say 7,000 B.C. While the Black Sea occurred before 5,000 BC, and the Caribbean or Cuban bridge I believe occurred a little after the 5,000 BC mark or more closer to 3,000 BC. The Mediterranean was older flood then these others and tougher to guess in terms of the time when it had occurred. We do know though that 19,000 years ago, as a French Geologist recently has put forward, an Island just due West of Gibraltar was above water forming a Island very much like the entrance to a delta river leading to the Gibraltar Straits. If this is so it could only exist without the whole area being flooded in a general sense if the water was lower and that the land did not sink it just got eroded or all at once covered over. If this be the case the ocean was 100-500 feet lower at 19,000 B.C. then present, and as far as that is in a modest terms. This means that as an island it slowed partially the flow into the Mediterranean, and if there was land more west of that location, with any sea wall blocking capacity, it would run as a mighty stream not a as a rushing sea. If that be the case, then the Straits of Gibraltar were once almost like a falls with out the sea meeting the ocean directly, and the valleys below on the Mediterranean side would have jut out into the basin for more than 30 miles inland then present. It would also explain that the stories of the Sahara Sea in ancient myth have some validity, in the sense that the water was redirected along the coast toward the lowest interior point west of the Sahara and feed by a river not far from Tunisia. The date of the Mediterranean wall breaking up at the Straits of Gibraltar would be before this Western Gibraltar Island disappeared and not after its submergence. So some claim it happened 80,000 years ago or 200,000 years ago and that is to long ago for us to put forward the Ice Age reasoning. But, what if it was sooner then that? If we went to the oldest Ice Age in regards to Man and an Atlantean period we would find that 40,000 BC is not implausible. Yet , the 20,000 BC Ice Age was nearly as bad as the 40,000 BC started Ice Age and it did melt faster then the previous 40,000 period melting. It is unclear if the Manitoba melted Ice Age lake of 38,000 to 13,000 years ago is related to this. But, it is an excellent example of the cubic calories of water introduced from no where into the Atlantic and would cause substantial problems with the Straits of Gibraltar in terms of the water table in the whole of the Atlantic Ocean with this now rising Ocean. And if you follow the underwater current convection it has a main point going along the counter clockwise current towards the Canary Islands i.e. water would rise very quickly. Transferring from the Manitoba failed Ice Age made water dam into the Mediterranean Sea or the 'small seas' falls or its vulnerability at the straits of Gibraltar. I only put the date closer to 20,000 BC because likewise monuments have been found by sonar in the Mediterranean that are hundreds of feet deep and many miles off coast in a region closer to Tunisia then Spain. So the time line is roughly this:

1.     Mediterranean Sea majority formed by 15,000 BC, but starts at 40,000 BC.

2.     Caribbean around 5,000 BC-2,500 BC in last major flooding in remote spread out valleys.

3.     Black Sea around 6,000-4,500 BC in Bosphorus falls beyond the Dardanelles breaking down into the sea effected by the prolonged pressure of the earlier Mediterranean falls failure and its sea.

4.     Dogger Bank, and Ireland or earlier lost kingdom of Lyonessee, parts of Ireland and Northern England while Southern England was a Belgium-Holland like with marsh conditions due to accelerated climatic warming and water levels finalizing the Ice Age melt off. About 7,000 to 5,000 BC with the English Channel still passable by a land trekking until 5,000-4,000 years ago.

If we took all these cause and effect dates one thing does emerge the Ice Age could have caused most of the effects, but in half these is a story about specifically a submerging of a land as the one to blame. Now does this mean submerge by water alone or the land sinking? It would seem that the original cause according to ancient man began with the loss of a land sinking and not directly the water table rising. In a weird way ancient man was right, because weight that falls as a result of subsidence of land or a volcanic collapse of a land would produce tremendous floods and ones that with the melting ice indirectly could not by process be at once undone, or even reversed.

They seem to indicate that volcanic based land bridges do not hold up well in isolated circumstances and that the weight of mile high ice sheets, and an ice age does not help matters in this regard. So even if a worldwide flood did not directly occur at the same time a resulting world wide flood would ensue by just a major one. For the earth has a kind of land bridge domino effect just waiting in all their vulnerability to one-day give way. This can occur without even an asteroid, or a Tsunami, or a volcanic wise collapse and its submergence, nor with just an earthquake, but an Ice Age is enough in its self!!!!!!!

And to the Atlantis question she had a different problem, all the ice age did was seal her fate as well as other significant low lying flood zones and that is how it became a world wide flood problem. But this was a result of these many consequences some very quick floods and others included with it in myth that spanned over many thousands of years in period. It is no wonder many stories were decided to be lump summed as the same, and indirectly that is true on both the old and new world sides of the Ancient Atlantic.

Sinc. Dean Clarke of the 4-23-2002 first proposed idea. This submitted to on July 7th 2002.

France, Theory of Ancient Floods, By Dean Clarke (second article)





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