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Atlantis Webring Links- These are selected by the World's Authority as best sites to explore for research. Many sites have not been added that deviate, or out to prey on public have been selected. Home (2001) click on links in black, blue, white..

Books and Authors links- New book-->Sothis Star of Egypt (Mary Clarke),


Links to Atlantis 500 site or big search on myths, /main/bigsearch/myth-1.html , or, or picture of Noahs Ark, Wyatt researcher, who passed away.

Atlantis Core Information Group List- search atlantis, basque, sargasso Basque information Good source of the edge of science. Atlantis info. 3 links Main site of the Association of Research and Enlightenment-E.Cayce Atlantis info. This site is a little like mine and a Library. A actual webcourse area in college on subject.

Pleidies Stuff A site on literary e-books This is a site that has a Cayce like slant. A theosophy site like Blavatsky. This has some rare info. 2 links

Ancient Mediterranean Research M. Asher Theory on land displacement. Axis shifting,,, Gateway to Esotaric Arts,,,,

King of a site with a sense of humor a strange site

Magz links- , ,, Nexus Unexplained,

Nexus altmedia. And Newspaper reports of great interest The Oldest Tent-Hut dwelling 500,000 yrs. Old

Art, or Visual Arts this is for the kid in,

Radio Talk Show- Art

Lemuria sites-,, and,, or lemeuria.html, and

Cartography and General Science links -,, and

Maping Sites, British Lib., British Mus.

Royal World Museums Usa

the Great Moon Research And , or Drum of Winter sites, and

Archaeo Astronomy- Starlore Site Salopianweb At the Edge

Maya Astronomy Ancient America stuff Ancient Furnaces site

Pyramids and Underwater Research,, and /underwater.html,,,NEW UPDATE Azores Plato's Citidel found sept. 7 2001, and Cuba Mayan like underwater pyramids NEW,


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