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First 3d of Underwater Cuba structure's Possible find by Clarke Aug. 2002

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'Egerton Sykes Atlantis Research Centre which Frances Walker has print rights to these works of Sykes, please contact him at fwalker@fsmailDean Clarke's Atlantean Research Journal 1980-2002 USA Branch Atlantis-Egypt-Maya Your Main Source

Update Jan. 2002 Ancient Civilization found in 120 feet of water many miles off the coast of Cambay Bay, Northern India, 7,500 B.C. at least in age!!Here is BBC site report address also

Update-West Florida off the coast proof that civilization in Ice Age times and After were many miles into the Gulf of Mexico hunting before the Gulf was innundated-Link

Update on Fish Mounds in Bahamas and Cayce-Link 'Egerton Sykes'

based on the continuation of his 'Atlantean Research' and 'The Research Centre Group' that he helped start, and the now in the year 2001 A.D. the re-founding of a Updated Official Site year 2000

'Atlantis,and the Atlantean Research Group'This web master and world authority on atlantis author Dean R. Clarke has exclusive right to start and found the above name.

based on Egerton Sykes blessings given in a conversation between 1980-1983 before April 26th at his passing.(J.E. Marshall Thanked for reminding and picture)Click here to see Egerton Family picture"is up now"-he is to the left

based on Egerton Sykes 1948 Atlantis 'Anti-diluvian World'edition of Ignatius Donnelly book link

 NEW Link to 'Atlantean Research' Journal Lists in years and questions.

 ;The List of Major and still important books on the subject.

 Best Links that provide not overly tangent theories but Plato's

 and Edgar Cayces best info. description of what Atlantis was.


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Mission statement: We do not subscribe to Atlantis origin in Crete, India, Europe, N. or S. America, the pole land masses, China, Australia, or Cuba. There is only one location of Origin by which is the Atlantic Ocean or it's Islands!!! We are sorry few have taken Plato more seriously and his relative who was Solon who received the

information via Egypt. Sincerely,(Webmaster) Dean Clarke B.L.S.

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Atlantis here is a precursor link a skeptic approach and plato's authenticity.

Atlantis Link on the web atlan

Atlantis link we do not feel is in location correct of India

Here is another precursor site that takes a poll on where you think Atlantis was.

Emerald Tablets two Links and

For those who ask what did ever happen to the Hermes Project?

Here the site of 9,000 B.C. Oldest Mummy N. America who are cannibals like Atlantis had.

NEW UPDATE Azores as site of Plato's Citidel 250 miles S.West of Azores and Cuba underwater pyramid and walls, and

Here is the main source of Egypt's ongoing digs Links below this is the oldest Egyptology site on the web.