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My Perspective on the recent Tsunami Tragedy 2004-2005.  DUE to GEOCITIES.COM ENDING Oct. 26th this website has already moved in preparing for this change so all webpages are here now when that website system ends, Not all of the images and stuff are the way it was but articles are intact, front page was down but not now due to the upcoming change.

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Clarke's Consulting and Art put on TV, The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel coming up Jan. 19th, 2005 at 10:00 PM and rebroad. at 1:00 AM  called 'Naked Science' series as 'Atlantis' check local this text to see art and thumbnails

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Click the small picture to go see the panorama, you can move with your mouse around on that webpage. Dean Clarke's art work for this new game.

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